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How to install an app?

The complete installation procedure is available on our online documentation site.

How to update an app?

Bricklead Apps are developed for the Online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Updates are automatically proposed. Updates sometimes address specific fixes to Business Central versions/upgrades. Installation of updates is strongly recommended. If they address specific Business Central versions/evolutions, updates for our apps are installed automatically when Business Central is updated.

How do I retrieve the end customer's BC environment ID number?

To obtain the environment number, you must first install the desired app on the target environment (production environment). Once installed, the environment identification number can be obtained by accessing the “Bricklead Licence Setup” page and selecting the “Environment Informations” action.

Are the Bricklead Apps compatible with Business Central On-prem?

Bricklead Apps are developed for the Online version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are not compatible with On Prem deployment. Contact our team for more information.

Can I test the Apps before buying it?

A 30-day free trial period is available for every Bricklead App (except Print Solution) downloaded on the AppSource.

What's the Trading Pack?

The Trading pack adapts Microsoft 365 Business Central ERP to the specific needs of Agri-Food traders. It’s a suite of off-the-shelf apps to be installed to create an offer dedicated to this market.

What type of business central licenses are required to install the Trading Pack?

The trading pack is compatible with both Premium and Essentials Business Central licenses.

Can I test all the apps in the trading pack?

The Trading Pack apps can be tested independently. You’ll need to download them one by one from the AppSource.

Do I have to install all the Trading Pack apps (even if I don't need them)?

Each customer is free to install the Apps they need in the trading pack. There is no automatic installation of all Apps.

What are the conditions required for termination?
Termination is possible :
– for 12-month plans: at anniversary date (with 3 months’ prior notice)
– for flexible plans: termination is possible at any time before the 20th of the current month.
Please refer to your contract details for further information.
Is the cost of updates included in the subscription price?

Yes, updates are included in the subscription cost.

What types of subscription/plans are available?

Two types of plans are available: 12-month plan and flexible plan.

When is the monthly billing date?

Invoicing is by direct debit on the invoice date.

Can I reduce the number of Full users during my subscription?
The conditions for increasing and reducing the scope depend on the subscription model you have chosen.
1- 12-month plan
The number of users can be increased during the subscription period. A reduction in the number of users is authorized on the anniversary date, subject to 3 months’ prior notice.
2- Flexible plan
The number of users may be increased or reduced during the subscription period. Bricklead must be notified of any increase or decrease in the number of users before the 20th of the current month.
Can I buy directly via Microsoft AppSource?

At present, there is no e-shop on the AppSource. Orders must be sent directly with the Bricklead team.

How do I contact technical support?

Support is available by email: support@bricklead.eu

How to enroll in the partner program?

To enroll, please contact our team: partner@bricklead.eu

Can I buy Bricklead Apps even if I'm not a partner?

Bricklead can put you in touch with one or more referenced partners. Contact us: partner@bricklead.eu

How long does the partnership agreement last?

Partnership contracts are signed for a period of 3 years, tacitly renewable for successive periods of 1 year.

How do I know if my Business Central integrator is a Bricklead partner?

To find out if your integrator is a Bricklead partner, please contact us: partner@bricklead.eu

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