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Select Your Apps

2 types of licensing models​

During the subscription period, it is possible to increase the number of licenses, but decreasing them is not permitted.

Per full user

Rights are granted per Full User

Per token

​Buy a defined number of token each month ​

Choose Your Plan

To commit or not, that is the Question!​

We strongly recommend not to mix and match end-user commitment type.


Standard pricing​

Initial subscription period


No commitment. Cancel your plan whenever you want to. ​

A 20% price increase is automatically applied to the standard price.

Check Out Our Packaged Deals

Looking for a simple way to sell bundle apps to your end users?

Packages are not divisible. 

1- Define the number ​of users needed

Full users &​ Team member users.

2- Select the right package​

Need a number of users that is not included in a package? Mix and match packages to get the number of users you need.

3- Install the apps​

 Install the apps you need.

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