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Our solutions fit together like bricks in a building set.


Your trusted software partner 


Bricklead’s triple expertise revolves around: 

  • Technology mastery, 
  • Markets knowledge and their challenges, 
  • Business process understanding. 


Our solutions are flexible. They are designed for interoperability and seamless integration into complex systems.

Game Changer

Bricklead changes the rules of the game by innovating and simplifying processes. Its ability to aggregate extends the capabilities of your day-to-day tools. 

Our mission

Smart, Simple softwares

Bricklead is a software publisher renowned for its ERP and CRM expertise. Drawing on its 40 years of experience with DIMOOD Group, Bricklead’s mission is to bring together, consolidate, innovate and make accessible solutions that were previously developed on a bespoke basis. Our offer is aimed at customers all over the world. 

Bricklead – We Are All Partners

our solutions

Augmented Softwares

Optimized solutions for your business

With Bricklead, discover the augmented softwares.  We bring together the know-how developed on all custom projects and consolidate all valuable and relevant developments to provide you with high-quality ERP, CRM and interoperable solutions. 

Redefine the way you work

We’re convinced that augmented softwares are the key to optimizing your business management and achieving your strategic goals.  By combining our expertise in software publishing with an innovative approach, we deliver solutions that meet the complex needs of your business. 

Microsoft Partner 

Our Bricks are built on industry-standard technologies.  Bricklead has naturally allied itself with Microsoft as part of a Gold partnership.   

Our ambition? To enhance the capabilities of your everyday tools. Therefore, Bricklead has chosen Microsoft as a partner to leverage reliable, enduring technologies that are perfectly mastered by our teams.


Bricklead, part of Dimood Group

Future-oriented, Dimood is an international group specializing in the digitalization of businesses. The group creates applications and solutions tailored to its customers’ business challenges. Dimood provides agile, strategic support to organizations that aim to progress further and faster through digital means.

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